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The HY part of my site is still small, but it's growing. I separated it from the 2CV Homepage, because both together would become too big.

Here you'll find some Information and pictures about that French van, that was constructed in the early '40s and built until 1981. In the Citroën classification it's the type H, but the people often says TUB, as it's early prototype was called, or HY to it.

HY was the most often build version of the H-Type. Others were HZ, a version with lower weight and load, and HX (later HW), a version with higher weight and load. The early versions (until late '40s) were called only H.

Nearly all version were available in seven different combination of wheelbase and body length, called Standard and Modification A to Modification F.

Citroën itself only built the standard version. Every van, which was ordered with an other wheelbase was, after being built, given to an French, Belgium or Dutch Carrosier, which changed the wheelbase and eventually added some ordered accessory.

The Citroën H-Type was mainly sold in France and the Benelux. During those 40 years of construction about half a million H-Type vans were built in France, Belgium and The Netherlands.

It was one of the first front wheel driven vans. Because of the engine being in front of the drivers cab and the gearbox being beyond the chassis of it's box was very low. For having a stable body without great effort of construction the side walls and the roof were made of waved plates (sp? German: Wellblech).

Books about the Citroën H-Type

I often get asked, if there are books about the Citroën H-Type. Besides reparing guides and spare part catalogues I only know one H-Type book:

le type H Citroën
Fabien Sabatès und Wouter Jansen
Massin Editeur
ISBN 2-7072-0194-4
only available in french
ca. 180 pages, a lot of photographs, chassis numbers, body workers/carossiers, etc.
NEW! This book can be ordered at Citroen-OnlineShop.de

Don't try it at amazon.com, they don't have it. And you really do not want to buy anything from amazon.com. Have you read their policy? -)

Further Information about the Citroën H-Type


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