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Since I'm no more active at the Fachschaftsrat Informatik of the University of Saarland anymore, I have transferred all my university time legacy web pages from http://fsinfo.cs.uni-sb.de/~abe/ to this interim host at http://fsinfo.noone.org/~abe/ with only minimal modifications, mainly e-mail addresses.

Most pages on this interim host won't be updated anymore until they are moved (and redirected) step by step to their future home somewhere under http://noone.org/.

Please also note that my former e-mail address abe@fsinfo.cs.uni-sb.de is no more valid. Use abe@deuxchevaux.org instead.

Axel Beckert, Zürich, 23rd of September 2007

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uni-kn.png, 2235 bytes uni-kn.png (2235 bytes)
uni-passau.png, 1265 bytes uni-passau.png (1265 bytes)
uni-sb.png, 1128 bytes uni-sb.png (1128 bytes)
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wuerth.png, 2437 bytes wuerth.png (2437 bytes)

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